Candice Brunlinger
I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for over 12 years, primarily studying with Margy Emerson who recently retired in 2017.  I started teaching the Wu Form, Tai Chi for Back Pain and Arthritis and Energy Healing & Qigong classes in order to provide the community an opportunity to continue learning and practicing tai chi and have a place to come together to receive the endless benefits of this spiritual and meditative practice.

I have had a beautiful journey with Tai Chi as my practice has supported me through healing from various injuries while restoring my body and mind after chronic illness.  I especially found my Tai Chi and Qigong practice to significantly support my post partum healing and restoring my body after developing hashimotos, an autoimmune condition.

As my body found healing through the support of this gently strengthening exercise, my mind and spirit also found healing. The more I practice, the more I get to know my inner and true self as I bring my breath and awareness in my body and dan tian, aligning my body and mind with my heart and spirit.  

I am exploring how I can apply what I learn from my practice to every aspect of my daily life such as stress management, enjoying the present moment, enhancing my listening skills and connections with others, being connected to and aware of my environment, having appropriate boundaries and learning how to be assertive without being abrasive, etc.

Tai chi practice can help balance your personality, demeanor and behavior. I personally tend to be more "yang" in nature so I use my practice to help release the excess yang in my life and restore my "yin" so I may continue my journey of being in harmony with my true SELF in relationship to my environment. 

I am a mom of a wonderful little boy and I enjoy watching him explore his sense of self and love that his interests in tai chi, qigong and plant medicine are growing.

I am an herbalist, fermenter and medicine maker. I teach workshops and classes in the community focused on integrating diet, microbiome healing, herbal healing, plant spirit medicine and energy exercises for healing the mind, body and spirit. I write herbal and healing articles for Humboldt Herbal's Newsletter and my blog, Nourishing Herbs. 

If you are interested in following my herbal classes, recipes, articles and future program, Herbal Living and Fermenting, check out my website at www.herballivingandhealing.com or my blog at http://nourishingherbs.blogspot.com/ .

More info about Humboldt Tai Chi's future instructor, Anna Pinsky, coming soon....