Beginning Tai Chi, Sun Style
(Tai Chi for Back Pain and Arthritis is beneficial for everyone!)
This form is designed for those with limited mobility but has benefits for EVERYONE. We will learn exercises to promote balance and coordination while gently strengthening the body, enhancing metal clarity and increasing blood and chi flow to support back pain, arthritis, chronic fatigue, recovery from injuries, surgery, post-partum and more.
Learn gentle exercises to support your limited mobility and gradually build your range of motion while learning how to prevent injuries.

One of my favorite characteristics of this form is how symmetrical it is. Many forms favor the right side and there is a different experience and benefits to practicing a symmetrical form which has the same movements repeated on both sides. This equally stimulates both hemispheres of the brain and neurological functions which helps to bring balance to how the brain communicates with the body. As we practice, we can become more aware of and strengthen our “weaker” side(s). This form can bring inherent symmetry within all aspects of ourselves.

I have relied on this form to help me while recovering from various injuries, fractures, hip dysplasia, scoliosis, protruding vertebrates in the spine, sciatica, lower and upper back pain, limited range of motion in the neck and shoulders and to support my recovery from a recent car accident. It was a wonderful tool to support the negative affects hashimotos had on my energy levels, mental alertness, clarity and focus and supported my body during times of chronic autoimmune pain and inflammation.

I originally learned the T’ai Chi for Back Pain and Arthritis form from my teacher, Margy Emerson. I am currently using the course content from Dr. Paul Lam who created and popularized this form.
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Images above are of Push the Mountain (left) and Cloud Hands (right), two movements from the form.
Photo's accredited to Britany Villiados at Villiados Photography